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Oka Mirror is the best screen mirror app in mac, without any additional hardward, Oka Mirror can cast your mac screen or video to your Roku TV directly. If you find any other app can work but Oka mirror can not work in your TV, contact us, we can double refund the money to you.



One famous TV show "IT Crowd", I like the answer from Roy who is the IT guy in that TV show. "Have you tried to turn it off and on again?". Reboot your router, your TV, your mac and make sure they are in the same network, and the connection is stable, trust me, it will help to fix most of the IT issue.
Please check More FAQ. If your have tried all solutions but still not work, Check the other one airbeam which is our major competitors, but we respect them, they are as good as us, but they do not provide free trial version. So you can take the risk, it might also failed after you bought it. But trust me, only Oka Mirror and Airbeam are the best one.
Then I suggest you give up and bought a cable line to connect the mac with TV, it will work.
I have the confidence to say we are the best, this is depends on the router performance, if you can find the other good one, mail to support@7littlemen.com.
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