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Mirror Any Device, Mirror your Screen to Any Smart Device with Web Browser.

Mirror Any Device is the best screen mirror app in mac, without any additional hardware, Mirror can cast your mac screen or video to your smart TV directly. If you find any other app can work but mirror can not work in your TV, contact us, we can double refund the money to you.

Mirror Any Device Quick Start

Step 1: Open Oka Mirror for Any Device from Launchpad

Step 2: Click "Got it" button on the popup window

Step 3: Click menu App Icon light icon on system status bar will show the main window

Step 4: Click "Start Mirroring" button to trigger a new mirror session. If a "Screen Recording" permission request prompt be shown, please select "Open System Preferences" button to continue.

Step 5: Goto "System Preferences" -> "Security & Privacy" -> "Privacy" -> "Screen Recording", then click on the checkmark next to the Oka Mirror for Any Device to enable it.

Step 6: When Oka Mirror app opened, you will see this message; please select "Quit Now"

Note: You may not be able to using screen mirroring function if Screen recording permission is not allowed. The system message will be popup only once. So if you selected “Deny” button on step 4, you need to Quit Oka Mirror app and re-launch it again. Now you can find “Open Screen Recording Preferences” button on the main screen, press it then follow step 5-6 until finish.

Step 7: When it is done. Just open the app again and Press “Start Mirroring” button to start mirroring.

Step 8: Remember the link url below "Quit Mirroring" button.

Step 9: Make sure that the device you need to view the live screen is under the same LAN as the Mac that is casting screen. Open a browser such as Safari or Chrome on the viewing device and visit the link url remembered on the last step.

Step 10: Depending on the quality of your network connection, you may have to wait for some buffering time, and then you'll see the live screen of the Mac in the browser.